marital bliss

6:03 p.m. x 2004-03-13

today, clare & i went shopping at supermall, acting like couple. now, this is markedly different from pretending to be lesbians, we ACTED LIKE a basic boring straight couple. it just sort of happened, we noticed, we laughed, and i irritated the man out of her ^-^ and i got the VICE guide, which NME has named "ubiquitous sight of the year". it's the strangest thing i've ever purchased (on sale at urban outfitter's for 5$), and i'm quite glad i did.

I GOT TWEAK SOME COOL GIFTS, YO. i ought to go package them instead of writing this entry. so i continue to type, complaining that scarling. has still not arrived, droning on and on about the fact that arden b doesn't carry that cute sweater in long-sleeves (3/4 is the ENEMY)...

...and then, i package the gifts...

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