i wanna rip you open while you're laughing at me, it'd be the last day i was happy

9:54 p.m. x 2004-03-25


what the hell???

i'd like to knock your neurotransmitters out of whack, fucker. what an ignorant, impossibly low thing to say.

*breathes* you can take that any way you want to take it, i suppose. i'm just thinking, you know, today, with all the information circulating around, all this awareness - what do people think that is?? a hobby?!?! for some people, so it seems, but not that person who's supposedly your best friend.

i can imagine the kind of person that would say something like that, and you know what? congratulations - i DO think down on you for that comment, after all that, you just had to find a way!

see the first line of this entry, please.

anyway - all i want right now is the auf der maur album, a copy of the holy innocents by gilbert adair, and the weekend. a great, heaving resource on psychobiology would be fantastic as well. to HIT YOU WITH.

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