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3:39 p.m. x 2004-05-27

i second kara's motion.

when someone's being poison to you, you should get as far away from them as possible, regardless of who that may be...everyone has good points, but some people, like normal household products just mix together and make toxins.

along those lines, i'm debating backing out of portfolio. i don't need to deal with what that class would entail (un-work related, this is a social matter, the work would be a breeze). but, yeah.

some people will hurt you, even if they don't hurt others, and it's your duty as a friend to respect that fact that poisoned relationships are serious things.

...i admire your ability to even mention something about it...i don't know if what i'm thinking of, conserning myself, would be deemed a poisoned friendship, but it's certainly a complex one, and lately the other person has been offending me out of my mind. she probably isn't thinking about the context of the comments she's making, that she's essentially dreading being around me next year?...that's great, yeah.

some people can be serious bastards.

hmm, random note of addiction: i've gotten hooked on the little "trivia" pages at the internet movie database. sofia coppola was in "frankenweenie"! i didn't know that! how awesome! that and disinformation. paranoia is vastly entertaining.

haha, speaking of which, everyone's now caught up to the da vinci code "thing". *shakes head*...the jesus'-life-partner theory is floating in the same alternate dimension as michael jackson's little-boy-sexcapades: so obvious, so possible, but so alleged. i don't believe anything. it works for me.

if jesus wanted a wife, he's fully entitled to one. what is it with christians and marriage? i'm sure jesus, wherever he is, is behind gay marriage after all this, people not fucking letting him have one measly wife. and even if he didn't, he had 12 groupies. you can tell he was secure with his status as a man and probably considered cool boyfriend material.

but really - it is rude to speak for others. if, for every time someone told me that jesus wouldn't approve of something, i said "courtney love thinks that shirt's heinous" or "ringo starr is offended by that statement", i'd get my eyeballs ripped out. oh my god, why can't people just admit when they're stupid? don't make jesus look bad either way. i'm beginning to feel terrible for the poor guy.

(disclaimer: not all christians are idiots. idiots come in all religions. in fact i talked about a buddhist idiot earlier in this entry, and you didn't even know it.)

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