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11:42 p.m. x 2004-07-29

i know somebody whose insight i missed deeplyyy.

i know somebody who has awesome dance moooves.

i know somebody who is the third celebrity framed in my roooom.

and that somebody is TWEEEAK and tweak is BACK.

so, at this thing, kara had a magical "am i dreaming?" time, brandi had a perverted time, ryan & josh stopped in for 3 minutes apiece and tweakerbell had jetlag. we had an aliya sighting (she possessed my waterbottle, if you missed it i kept it and i'm starting a museum of aliya sightings with it) and catie and i are building babylon, a la "queer as folk" in my shed. rawr.

i have fulfilled a life's dream and have rented what i believe to be one of only two peter greenaway movies my local blockbuster carries: "8 women". my first choice for initial greenaway viewing was "drowning by numbers" but i wanted to see "8 women" before i knew who greenaway was, so that is good. AND - it is my new favorite film. storey is the best character of all time. if i was going to have a harem, i would have a naked nun and a female female impersonator. they blow the half-woman out of the water.

also, important day in history, i have located the name of the fellini movie i love so much ("giulietta degli spiriti") and plot to have it soon. i suppose i ought to find "8" now, too.

art movies confuse sam. sam had a confused time today...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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