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12:46 a.m. x 2004-08-18

alrighty, first the computer was broken and THEN no internet connection for two days. i just fixed it all by myself playing with the taskbar. (wh00t.) i've also been removed from everything, on top of this i've seen no one with the very exciting acception of catie and the new and improved exchange students.

last week i cleaned out my basement and lugged a garbage bag full of the much-loved and the missing up to my room, which sat there until tonight when i finally looked through it AND FOUND MY MANGA.

not my "sailor moon" manga, which never leaves my side, but my excess manga such as "saint tail", "cardcaptor sakura", "revolutionary girl utena", "fushigi yugi" and - *drumroll* - "GUNDAM WING: EPISODE ZERO". you have NOOO IDEAAAA - i beggedandbeggedandBEGGED for that FOREVER and that was before it was translated, before ANY little kid in the u.s. knew what manga WAS...oh MAN!

for the record, "gundam wing" effed me up in serious, irreversable ways. that shit was on at midnight and caused night after night of lying in bed with my eyes opened wondering questions that someone as naive as i am should not wonder.

i also really had no idea what gay was until i started into the whole anime thing. i think if you're going to figure out something as monumental as that that isn't how you do it. or you ask questions. you ask more questions than i did. yes...

...and when i look back on it i've seen nothing more homoerotic since. (i need season one on dvd this xmas).

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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