2:30 a.m. x 2004-08-22

i rode around with a very sad, dear friend today and we had one of those delightfully balanced, insightful conversations of what people really mean and the significance of the indiana jones films in the history of entertainment. i'm still ablink with amazement.

and word from clare and tweak! that was lovely. i'm so deep in the throes of my work that school is seeming so in the way. arrrrgh. did you know, diary/audience, that my mom never saw my PSAT scores? i found them in a box full of ravaged old drawings (i thought it was all in my head that i was a disturbed kid, but i was wrong - little me scares the shit out of recent me) and pulled them out to use as evidence as to why i deserved a dvd box set of the best show ever (you're going to hear all about this very soon). i didn't actually need it since i didn't actually vacation (verb) this summer, but it did come as a pleasant surprise to the dismal masses that i scored pretty fucking well. 70-something higher in writing and 80-something higher in verbal than my peers.

not too fucking bad for someone in remidial math. ah, and i purchased "spellbound" and "rope" today, both under 5$. wh00t.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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