greek idol

11:47 p.m. x 2004-08-22

within the realm of awfulness that i experienced beforehand, i can tell you now one very important unsaid fact, that chosing a side is a near impossibility and never happens. and he said,

"that's not the way things were in winter." and i said,

"no, they're not." and he said,

"but i don't mind." and i said,

"me neither." and i LOVE that - that one of my closest, best friends ever (and i'm so glad i can call him that) is that way. that every time there is an irrevocable change he's going to know that that's good, and the whole reason anything is ever different is because somebody isn't 100% happy with the way things are. and nobody isn ever 100% happy.

it isn't worth getting up-in-arms about. but do you know what is?!


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