saved by little dicker

6:33 p.m. x 2004-09-22

a pastor has changed the name of his chapel because too many 'depraved' minds were finding something funny in it being called little dicker. fed up with an increasing number of visitors turning up to have their pictures taken outside the east sussex baptist chapel usually defacing the sign to obliterate the 'er' pastor terry brinkley has decided to rename it the golden cross add to the pastor's troubles explicit pictures of men in a variety of poses by the chapel sign have been winging around the internet and between camera mobile telephones. not that such problems are new to the area. the nearby village of fulking has had to live with similar difficulties for years while the signs on the river uck a few miles away have had to be redesigned to stop extra letters being written in...the chapel, which opened in 1813, was originally known as dicker independent chapel but, in 1838, a much bigger chapel was built two miles away at lower dicker. the original one at golden cross then became known as little dicker chapel.
telegraph (UK)

graciously lifted from the life-saving awesomeness that is pervscan, "maybe it was called little dicker, but evidently it didn't have the balls."

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