why laura elena herring is like a flaming couch

4:23 p.m. x 2004-10-13

so last night i was trying to stave off this bout of really terrible feelings by watching "mulholland drive", which is a surefire cure. when i bought it, i bought it on the strength of david lynch's name and the fact that i was completely and utterly upset out of my gord. and i watched it and everything was ooookay. so i was watching "mulholland drive" and i thought, you know, what WOULDN'T you do with nude rita/camilla in your bed...? looking at you with big confused iloveyou eyes?

government student teacher said something about throwing a flaming couch out the window and everybody went "WHAAAT?!" like who would do that and why?! well, says i, i don't think anyone would take terrible nicely to a flaming couch in your room. what else would you do with furniture aflame? what else would you do with a naked laura elena herring?

it makes sense. i thought about this today, dita von teese's un-areolas and "without you" by harry nilsson. and my maniacally long amazon wishlist. and everyone who reads this diary, who are awesomely awesome.

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