midnight, the stars and you

9:37 p.m. x 2004-10-22

today, i exposed a teacher as a secret democrat.

also, i was talking to cool sophmore alyssia about speech class, which she has and i miss incredibly. she just did her informative speech on elizabeth bathory, and i did mine on courtney love. when i said that, she became puzzled and said "oh, she killed the cute guy? right? what's his name? was it mike?" - i love that.

i NEEDNEEDNEED the "mulholland drive" soundtrack and "dr. strangelove: music from the films of stanley kubrick" which has an AWESOME wendy carlos song on it! why is there no "shining" soundtrack?! the music in that is AMAZING! especially a song that is not in the movie, by wendy carlos, it is in the making-of featurette and i do not remember the title except that i believe it was in latin. bandalamenti and carlos are awesome. they're the man (and the trans-woman). so cool.


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