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6:33 p.m. x 2004-11-07

preface: god is present in 87% of my text. apparently. feel like arguing? i think it'd be an interesting way to suck by a few hours.

i got some xmas shopping out of the way today. and BUTTONS! I BOUGHT THE COOLEST BUTTONS...YOU HAVE TO SEE MY BUTTONS WHEN THEY ARRIVE...*does a dance*. also, today, i learned why pants bother me so much.

i don't really wear pants except to walk, and then the pairs that i own aren't recent, i bought them all when i was in middle school, thusly they aren't cut the same as pants are now. i've refused to buy pants for the past few years but it's really evaded me, the reason as to WHY. and today it struck - it's the whole hugging the thighs thing. i find it really distracting. watch my grades suffer now.

ugh, clothes are really gross 75% of the time. that's enough to pass a bill in the senate - so it's unanimous that clothes suck.

on the gift-vein, i ordered up a little storm on amazon (and entirely intend to try and order more later, because i'm behind where i should be in films): animal rights & pornography by j. eric miller, "giulietta degli spiriti", "bande a part", "irreversible", david lynch by michel chion, "the exterminating angel", "confessions of a knife..." by my life with the thrill kill kult, "the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover", extraterrestrial sex fetish by SUPERVERT!!!, writings of the vienna actionists and "amusia".

i'm really excited about supervert's book. such an inspiration ^-^. *twitches* I CAN'T WAIT FOR THOSE BUTTONS!!!...

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