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8:35 p.m. x 2004-11-08

this election DID help to increase my political awareness, because i don't think i could've written a four-page personal statement on my political beliefs for government...although i would've caught up on some much-needed sleep. i walked home in the cold with a crippling back-ache and while i love the cold...i don't love getting stuck in it for a matter of hours (and it does take me a matter of hours to walk home), especially not with a back-ache. it's the fault of my mother's messenger bag. i just bought some new bag the other day, but i bet i can't have it yet. i bet it won't give me a back-ache.

my vitality is entirely shot. i slept in class the other day, which isn't very alarming concidering that it's me but i really haven't done that on any kind of a regular basis this year. i wasn't very apologetic about it either, i just clocked out.

something that bothered me about my mother coming in to talk to my therapist is you could see this rush of "let's quickly mount a little indescrepency in kari's personality and let that occupy the 50 minutes", and they chose my lack of self-sufficiency. that bothers me because, one cannot concretely make the assumption that i am entirely insufficient in taking care of myself because i never have. there's not been a time where i had to prove it either way. just because i don't know how to operate a dishwasher or a washer/dryer doesn't mean i can't learn. i don't know...that got on my nerves.

i listened to "analog grand diary" while i worked on my grad project today. i'm so happy kara made me a cd.

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