7:24 p.m. x 2004-11-23

since election day, the press has blamed young voters for john kerry's loss. "what happened to the youth vote," the new york times lamented, "and why did the media onslaught...fail to deliver it?"
the answer is simple: in reality, the youth vote rocked. nearly 21 million americans under the age of thirty voted this year - 51.6 percent of those who were eligible. that's an increase of 4.6 million voters from 2000 - the highest youth turnout since the voting age was lowered to eighteen in 1972. even more striking, 6 million young voters cast ballots for the first time this year, representing nearly two-thirds of all new voters. young voters picked kerry over bush by nine points nationwide - and by thirty-four points in the battleground state of pennsylvania.
jann s. wenner, why bush won, rolling stone dec 9 2004, pg 57

way to go, PA young democrats!

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