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11:13 p.m. x 2005-03-12

i had a cute time today, cute sweet nostalgic and then i went home and did this weird "cardio" (code word for "dance") when no one was looking for a sustained period of time...before that though, celebrated tweak. she got an earth-toned magic scarf and suggestive undergarments, chai...katy and paul wrestled and kiri tweak and i did mutual cross-examinations and shared offbeat gripes about our physical manifestations. if everybody has weird hips...than they aren't weird anymore (although, not true, i have perfect hips, i don't know what you're talking about...). andy gave tweak a card that was wrapped in a thesaurus of love, and there was an erotic exchange named "deep springs college".

tweak's actually birthday is tuesday. it's more than her birthday even because her birthday that is recapped here is termed often "the first party", the beginning of time, etc...time began with daffodils and spanish, "never mind the bollocks" and six a.m..

p.s. (if you'd happen to be reading this, are a frequent visitor), i probably love you, like it or not.

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