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9:07 p.m. x 2005-03-30

fuck you then.

i am seeing now how i've developed in my writing, that instead of looking at things i did a year ago, or yesterday, i don't go "that really sucks" but most of it, the majority of it, has redeeming qualities and is really good. i'm really happy. i was reading about how rod serling started writing, he said he started out emulating hemingway ("everything i wrote started out 'it was hot'.") during my first round of grad project iniquity, i was supposed to do a writing project and learn to properly emulate a list of prose writers that my english teacher at the time all ready thought i wrote too much like (the majority of which i hadn't read, and the majority of things i'd been doing for her hadn't been prose).

i did try to write like dennis cooper once. it took a couple sorry hours for me to finally realize dennis cooper didn't really write like anything. not to say he isn't a good writer, just the opposite, but he isn't somebody you emulate.

also once i tried to write in dialect. i looked at it later and thought "yeah, that came out really well", with a really fluid, interesting sound. but i couldn't take it seriously to keep going.

(fuck i can't write anymore cause i got KEANE staring at me. they aren't my favorite band, exactly.)

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