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9:00 p.m. x 2005-04-21

fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. i woke up this morning at five-thirty and took a bath, got ready & dressed, went downstairs and listened to things on itunes and downloaded this here which you should, too. then my mom and i drove, drove to the heart of MENNNNNNANITE LAAAND. i got out of the car with the most negative body language and walked straight into our destination, bought my sister a tshirt, and promptly left (this, to put at ease any offended menanites, had nothing to do with was a college i don't care for very much). we then erased that torturous two minutes with a shopping spree (para la birthday). when i got home i tried to eat and got very sick (my stomach, i believe, is very affected by my sleep issues) and my mom went out and rented "birth" for me. i've watched most of it and LOOOVE it like i love that song i linked to.

this is soooo EXCITING:


1. suck (3:19)
2. medicine jar (3:48)
3. ascending stars (4:21)
4. join the dots (4:22)
5. pull me under (4:23)
6. racing towards the sun (2:43)
7. wolverines (4:26)
8. birdnest hair (3:55)
9. princess carwash (3:58)
10. in red (3:20)
11. f.m. doll (3:19)
12. black spring rising (3:38)
13. childproof (3:37)
14. princess carwash (slight reply) (4:09)
15. cold light of day (3:04)
16. butcher and the butterfly (3:51)

23 may!

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