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7:50 p.m. x 2005-06-22

i think pagan babies are one of my favorite groups of all time, even if they are an obscure eighties pseudo band that never left somebody's garage in minnesota. that doesn't matter to me! the four tracks that they recorded boggle my mind. which is given actually that anything courtney love does will boggle my mind, even if it just a quickie boggle, empty and meaningless. i wish the pagan babies had supplanted the existence of "america's sweetheart". the kickass courtney-kat machine. mmmm.

i really love listening to songs with lyrics in different languages. sometimes i love songs so much that they spoil when they hit the lyrics and i don't know why that is. sometimes bands ruin a great song by interjecting some stupid lyrics ("bulletproof cupid" by placebo is one of the most amazing songs simply for that reason that they know to back off from ruining a great song, okay boys, no words today). i don't know why that is. or the lyrics are worked up by the music. like the awesomely awesome "shiver and shake" by the cure. but sometimes, i just like to not know what they're talking about at all. it makes the feeling of the song sound much more important.

that's how i've come to love shakira and archaic latin hymns.

i am now the proud, proud parent of a "taxi driver" dvd but i haven't watched it yet. i must wait until exactly the right moment. travis bickle and all his antisocial accoutrements are a grand occassion. and jodie foster. man, i love jodie foster. like i love shakira.

this weekend was so awesome, i have "faith", "seventeen seconds", "pornography", "kiss me kiss me kiss me", and "three imaginary boys" by the cure, "brave murder day" and "dance of december souls" by katatonia, "broken", "fixed" and "pretty hate machine" by nine inch nails, and a throng of smashing pumpkins to enjoy from L'ALIYA, and the "fijacion oral" from LA SHAKA.

of course now there's a new love on the horizon ("oh fox! is this love? can you tell me? what is love?"). i've missed just zoning out on my bed and listening to song after song and allowing myself to meander from thought to malapropos thought. it's time valuable passtimes like that were revisited.

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