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11:03 p.m. x 2005-08-08

i'm going to need to find a way to do this without feeling like a complete whore. i owe catie quite a bit anyway. she doesn't have to believe that i really did call to talk to her, but i did! i made HER the mix cd and not anyone else!

but heck...i am happy. i am always happy to make new friends but YOU, SIR, ARE COOL. i hope to occupy more of your time. i'm sorry you met me during these days of half-college and half-work and all-busy. i spoke to you so long on the phone I HAVE A PAPER DUE, A NOTEBOOK AND FINALS TO STUDY FOR! but i spoke to you. you're lonely. i'm lonely. let's watch "last house on the left", i just bought it.

(catie is so tolerant! kara is so patient! clare is so understanding! now where IN CHRIST'S NAME is TWEAK?!?)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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