the death metal kid slaughters the dragon, gets in the castle, rapes the princess and then he kills her. (what a dick!)

9:43 p.m. x 2005-08-09

the individual wistfully ranted about in the past few entries is alexander, and he is german and he is my new very good friend. he is very, very cool. i like him lots. we hung out today and talked and i'm impressed, i hope to do that lots more this summer. SUDDENLY, BOYS WILL SPEAK TO ME. and be civil. i'm beginning to get along with them. they are not harassing me or being hostile with me. FINALLY, THERE ARE COOL GUYS.

*empty feeling* i want a party with alexander, clare, tweak, catie, kara, paul, jimmy, heather, andy, brandi, sara and amber. i want to see all of those people right this instant (i would have to put pants on, but they would all understand). i want juanes and julliard dances. i want to recapture the awe and power of tweak's old basement. i want out of central PA with a bang of spanishsnogging and LA SOUS-MARINE JAUNE. i think that i will have these things pretty soon, because stuff will slow down.

i ought to take of from work or something soon. and catch up on all the hours of sleep i've lost due to the stringent demands of half-college (WHAT A LOSER). no seriously. this lady's near catatonic she has slept so little and done so much.

also: i still love gerard way from my chemical romance, because that is how great my life is. and HOLY SHIT is the kid from work ever the queen of sass, but he's still awesome.

let's all men turn their attention to me (i could learn to enjoy this without the constant nervous giggling).

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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