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9:48 p.m. x 2005-09-27

every couple of weeks fandom rears its head and i get super-obsessed with something. usually i rock back & forth between these couple of things like hole, jack off jill, david lynch, my hair, and trying to remember things that aren't recorded on the internet. today has been very much a jack off jill day, but i listened to "the end of dying" quite a lot. it's an awesome song and kara brought the entire foxhole cd over today which kicked a whole load of ass, and the ass that it didn't kick was kicked by this. HOLY SHIT!

i have to practice my bass and write songs again, because i dropped my written diary in a toilet at school and it needs to disinfect before i can touch it again. the brothers karamazov went down, too, and inflated to twice its size. it's intense.

i washed my sheets! oh my god i'm so happy. my skin WILL get better now that my bed is germ(an)-free.

i'm starting to xmas-shop within the coming weeks and i'm definitely buying for clare, kara, tweak, catie, heather, jimmy, amber, brandi, paul & ryan; others are getting cards...but those recieving gifts are going to get REAL, LOVELY gifts and it will be awesome.

(xanga ate the world, livejournal coughed it up and there was BRYSON HAIR.)

--- all righty, coherence then! ---

the first time i heard jack off jill was in a little walled-off section of the art room full of pot smoke and an older boy and he played "when i am queen" until his cd player broke. then i saw them on the internet months later and looked them up on amazon, listened to the first four clips and freaked out. i bought both albums the next day with manda and listened to "clear hearts grey flowers" on the ride home (i had to save "sexless demons & scars" for easter). it was instantaneous. it has brought joy ever since and served as a major bonding tool when i met clare. jessicka is so the man, even more than bryson hair.

(in the end it all comes back to that kid. he is too delicious.)

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