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10:07 p.m. x 2005-11-06

that was a tumultuously fantastic weekend i had.

it began with my being very upset at work and catching hell from a really belligerant pregnant coworker. after this i reunited with ryan! who i have seen lately in the mornings at school, but not as much - nowhere near as much as the summer he started working when we hung out all the time. we hung out till one last night and had a blast. we laughed at a lot of terrible things and i had to try my hand at putting "twin peaks" in perspective (i shudder to think). we ran into my friend from english class and his homely little girlfriend (i bet she's wild).

today clare and her friend billy, the cool sophomore import from across the district, watched "american beauty" and ogled old pictures. i had a really great time, but felt kind of - you know, i miss how things used to be. things are good now.

but there could be "8 1/2 women" and "luna", and then they'd be perfect...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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