do you really want to go and live in that hotel for the winter?

2:24 p.m. x 2006-03-16

feeling worlds better today, because i'm really strong. i have so much going for me. i just needed to get myself oriented. i am now. everything's cool with me. i think i'm seeing ryan today, which is awesome...he's been consistently fantastic as long as i've known him. i remember when we used to hang out constantly over the summer. that was incredible. we still have a really strong rapport, and he's a great objective party since he has a completely different set of friends than i now.

ah...i'm healing up all well. honestly, that cloud has past. today i had a marvelous time being flirted with by three young men, the one i absolutely need to see again because he has perfect hair...i just needed to get my bearings back. i'm good. i got knocked off my hinges for a while. a lot of people have.

i'm healing. i hope you are.

(...i can barely control how giddy i am that my cousin got the job...! THEE job. haha, a job i'd like to have...because i am a witless fucking fangirl ^-^.)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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