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10:48 p.m. x 2006-05-06

birthday. first of all last night i had a blackout headache and duff txt'd me blitheringly upset. but didn't want to discuss it with me. perfect logic there, maestro. i passed out, blissfully fondling burlesque.

mom gave me "all about eve" and $400 this morning. i spent $200, which is pretty awesome considering my compulsions. i found the perfect dress! and a corset that i really love. and a shirt with edie sedgewick's screen test (actually, the shirt is edie sedgewick's screen test - and it's a looong shirt...). a lot of things with black & white stripes. "3 women" by robert altman is ridiculously expensive EVERYWHERE. why???

good day, good day. txts from...heatha, jimmy, amber, duff and danielle, calls from clare, amanda, my aunt and laura, and various forms of myspace affection from clare, my old math teacher mrs. z, emily, amber, sara, billy and jimmy. lots of love from the exhalted kara. comment from dami! DITA.

i ate way too much shit two days in a row, though. errgh. i also have a science paper due yet. and an essay for human sexuality. errrrrgh!

oh fuck that! it's my birthday! i'm 19. it's an arbitrary age, like 17. and 17 was good, so, this will be too.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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