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9:44 p.m. x 2006-06-23

i've hit a nice stride as of very lately. i got to relax a great deal...a GREAT DEAL more than i have since i can remember, within the past year...and it finally seems like time has past since christmas. it finally feels like that's all behind me, that it all happened as opposed to feeling that it's all still happening. and i have all that experience now, i have all those things to go on and use to my advantage later, even if it was rough to have happen. that i had the foundations of nearly all my tightest relationships shak, and, in the case of my old best friend, dissolve entirely.

and i'm perfectly fine for it. she and i grew apart. it was bad to not really get a fighting chance at saving communication between us, because i like to make a case for my side of things...but it would've done me little good, since it happened so steadily over the course of two years. in that respect, i have to just accept the way things went.

accept what's happened and anticipate what hasn't yet. there's so much i'm excited about. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! i can't allow anything to deter me.

(...and it's not as if i'm not concerned for you, or that i don't know what you're doing - it's that i don't want you to think you're being judged...)

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