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2:09 p.m. x 2006-07-27

oh heavens...the tumultuousness...

...but things are on the slow climb up. jimmy came over last night and we had our discussion, and i was pretty happy...because he had the cutest little arbitrary concerns. and he has to go to philadelphia today, which is going to override our date friday, but that's fine. he did something really stupid, but because it put him in such a state i would imagine he isn't going to do it again (or, i can dream). it went very well, and i feel much better. jimmy is definitely showing exxxcellent boyfriend potential. i commend thee.

except for the glaring fact that i was up with him until half past midnight, after which i had to bathe and do homework, which...i had a test and a speech today...the test was a terror but would have been regardless, because I AM NOT DOING WELL IN THIS COURSE, and then i went far overtime on my speech, which was actually for the sake of doing MORE than was required. watch me compensatin'.

i just ate two microwavable white castle burgers that my brother bought earlier this summer. i really need to watch what i'm eating but i couldn't pass up an oppertunity to pilfer those things. they had onions on them! which was a very pleasant surprise.

grumbly addenum to a very contented entry: i have missed ken two days in a row. errrgh.

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