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10:03 p.m. x 2006-07-28

i remember for this seemingly endless stretch of time all i had to write about in here were little rundowns of the things i'd accumulate. that's a bit...ergh, well...yes, i bought shoes today and i'm excited about them, because they are practical and attractive. my boots are very practical, but also very ass-kicking, and while i can't help kicking ass, sometimes it doesn't need to be advertised so flagrantly. the catholic heels are not everyday wear, even though they fair better than the 3" patent leather pair or the coffin heels...and the mary janes sometimes push the girlish factor into the danger-zone. these are, i speculate, 2" wedges, with laces that criss-cross like sneakers but tie around the ankle like dress shoes. they're easy to walk in, bump me up to eye-level with my friends, and look damn slick. for this i am thankful.

i also bought kara a gift, however...i couldn't find kara today. so it patiently awaits the oppertunity to spring itself on her. recieved a call from jimmy while at the mall and am anticipating him to call is good to stave off on the "big first date" until he can at least afford to pay for me, which i'm very down with, but i'd still like to see him...

in further news - ken's combage is mind-boggling. i am very fond of white castle. "THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS" is so far the picture of glory. i can barely stay awake anymore.

i'm owed a star trek movie.

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