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6:51 p.m. x 2006-09-12

ergh...transit woes. this hopefully was one of my last of these kinds of days. i have a ride set up for the middle of the week now. i'm really beat, was really tough getting home. then i went to amber's, which, i was happy to see her but i really should have just gone home because i'm nigh too oriented.

hehe, my entry title yesterday, gar nicht dran denken, was translated in context as "don't think about it", but obviously didn't end up that way. haha. you can think. i implore you, in fact...but i shouldn't think, and i know you agree...

i'm not thinking right now. about things that don't matter, that is. i'm thinking really hard about school. i have to do an awesome job this semester. and next. very awesome. i think that i will. i feel confident. just woozy. i had a very busy day yesterday...long night before that, busy day...then today was just a lot of running around. have to slow down.

because i need to keep kicking ass. what, after all, is the world when i'm not kicking ass?...

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