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4:59 p.m. x 2006-12-13


on monday, jimmy had a surprise day off, and we went to the mall and hung out. he bought me a cure shirt and i got sushi for dinner. he was getting his tires replaced at sears, and we were there for a fair amount of time before the mechanics informed jimmy that his car had a wheel lock, about which he knew nothing. it took another hour or so for them to locate the wheel lock, and the tires were subsequently handled in roughly fifteen minutes, haha. i had an amazing time! and jimmy bought a season of "star trek: the next generation", thus he now owns the entire series. sexy. that was sooo incredible *^-^* and then! yesterday, haha, i wound up at the mall with amanda and lexi...after amanda took me to an appointment. i got sushi again! and TALKED TO RYAN after i got home. OH MY GOD I MISS RYAN!!! that was spectacular ^-^ then jimmy called me and went "guess what! i love you and i can't stop thinking about you." and that, ooooooooooooooooo!!! i love things like that!!! haha. i'm a child. that made me so happy. we talked for a while and then convened and had an amazing amazing amazing evening. i am so vastly content...and so bad at conveying it *^-^*.

mmm...finals are nearly done. and i like jimmy. a great great deal.

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