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12:35 p.m. x 2006-12-11

WHOA. i have a lot of trouble staying awake. but i made it through my social psych final nice and coherent. last night elisa called me over to her house to help her tell her mom about something she did. it was brilliantly ironic, but pretty serious. she was very upset, but it happened saturday night and was dealt with last night, so it's all out of the way. and she still gets to see clare & ernie whence they return.

yesterday was also my & jimmy's second consecutive mark. he worked, but i swung by and waved...i had the door opened for me...mike is a tart. i also acquired amanda and lexi's christmas presents. jimmy has mine, but i have to trip up to gettysburg for his, potentially. they may have it locally, but i can get a discount up there. hmmmm.

i am tremendously jumpy when i'm not falling asleep. "you need to calm down" is right. it isn't...emotional jumpiness set off by an event, just chemical restlessness. i should take a walk, since it isn't very bleak out. i have a lot of energy i need to circulate.

speaking of which, jimmy has a magical, spontaneous day off today. o.O

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