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9:57 p.m. x 2007-01-23

henry rollins' neck could single handedly (single neckedly? neckedly...eugh) kick my ass. i was intimidated enough listening to his spoken word. i imagine i'd pass out if i saw him really saying something in person. he is rage made flesh. and "human butt" cheered me up this morning beyond belief. the crazy paul/"sky king" vignette, which is supremely not uplifting but everything about paul made me smile.

not to mention that i got out with amanda today to pay my invoice! all of that mess is taken care of. jimmy took me to the post office to mail it. less than ten minutes, but it was extremely nice to see him regardless. seeing him is nice no matter what. mmmm last night i went over to watch "jay and silent bob strike back" in his basement. i'd initially called him because i was extremely upset due to my mom's behavior, and when i'd called him i was afraid i'd exasperated him. in reality, his mother was being psychotic as well. so we hid out together. and it was stunning *^-^* mmm last night made me so happy. god, any time i get to spend around jimmy makes me giddy as hell. i love it!

i am outrageously excited to see 1964 and stay at his grandmother's. grandparents' houses are so exotic. i only ever went to my mom's mother's apartment, and then only until i was...however old i was when my grandmother died. i actually forget. jimmy's last grandparent is his mom's mother as well. she's wonderful.

equally wonderful - i am not hoarding 80 dollars anymore. i have no more financial issues, save the fact that i owe amanda two dollars. beyond that, i can start putting more in my savings and having more sound finances. they've been really, ashamedly wack'd for the past

the past

...shit. a really long time.

so it's time to put a stop to that! and politely ask jimmy to massage my back again, because he's quite good at it, and my upper back muscles are puckering with distaste for existence right now. gyahhhhh.

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