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10:10 p.m. x 2007-01-24

i did not have coffee this morning, and i had class with a woman who notices when i sleep. i was pretty jarred. she seemed too wrapped up in scrambling to explain the difference between a pilgrim and a puritan, though, which...throughout the entirety of my education, i don't think i ever learned about that before. not like i did today, of course. i was asleep. it took me two hours to successfully write a txt to jimmy, then when he txt'd back, it almost made me scream because i wasn't expecting such a speedy response. then i went to wait for phil, who i wasn't even completely certain remembered i was supposed to ride home with him, and ohhhh did i ever pass the fuck out in the lobby. it wasn't bad, but i was afraid i missed him. i actually ran into him frantically trying to find a bus schedule to see if there was any hope in me getting to the transfer center. so he ranted hilariously as we went home, and i ambled into my place of residence and attempted to do a few things i'd been meaning to do. which naturally resulted in a lengthy nap.

when i awoke, i made two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (crunchy and grape, that's all i do) and sat down to watch something ondemand. i wound up with "the collector" and i watched the entire thing in one sitting (as ken has so fervently pointed out to me ^-^ i rarely sit and watch an entire movie in one sitting). and i was very taken with it.

mmm - i have to be heading to bed. i don't want another day like this. i feel awful. however, jimmy - who had to work in the bowels of gettysburg today - came home and we had the sweetest, most kick ass conversation. i wish i could've seen his face light up. there is nothing more brilliant and amazing than his face lighting up when he's happy *^-^*.

i had a college call me today and go "did you apply? or try to apply?" and i went, "yes", and they replied, "all right, cool, making sure" and hung up. iiiiii need to go to bed.

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