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7:05 p.m. x 2007-01-28

last night was remarkable! jimmy called because he wanted to hear my voice *^-^* and we went and hung out for a bit. it was stunning. ahhh - even though his basement is tons more accomodating, i love his car. haha. it's vastly more private. after that we went out to dinner, to the middlesex diner, which i'd never been to with him. ken called as he was standing in line to see "inland empire"! and i'm currently waiting for word on how it went. i had my current favorite thing (buffalo wings with bleu cheese dip...anything with bleu cheese is my favorite, actually) and we discussed cell phone plans and the dispatch concert.

ernie read that one of his favorite bands, dispatch, is reuniting very briefly to benefit zimbabwe, and he's playing poker like a man possessed to raise the money to go to new york and see it. he put forth to me that i ask jimmy to go, and jimmy put forth to me that i accompany them. i'd say absolutely yes if they'd let me take touristastic photographs of the two of them marveling at all that is new york.

then! oh then! after dinner, JIMMY GAVE ME MY FIRST DRIVING LESSON! it was momentous. i drove the boat around the church parking lot and did not run into the pole that was there for me to potentially run into. i did not run into that pole. i was a smashing success. minus the smashing. i had no idea the stick on the one side of the stearing wheel did so much. i did, however, have an idea of how scary the gas pedal was.

but i did a pretty good job for never ever having driven. and for being instructed by jimmmy, who, while he is a very very good driver and a great teacher, was too tired at the time to differentiate left and right. the thing i need to work on foremost, i think, is straightening the car. because i had a lot of trouble with that and it made me the most nervous.

but i'm excited to get the hang of it! and to hear about how "inland empire" went. ken txt'd me at 4 informing me that "that was the best experience of moviegoing ever". i can't wait! also, i am anticipating wendy carlos' rejected score for "the shining", which i've brought back my illegal downloading program for exclusively. i'm a terrible person, but i now have "nocturnal valse triste" to be terrible to. i'll buy it eventually and i know it.

ahhhhh my goodness, last night was magic *^-^* jimmy makes me feel amazing. he is a dream come true! and i can't wait for 1964!!! that is going to be incredible! i know we aren't going to be allowed to sleep together (gahhh, i'll be sleeping all alone in ruth's room O_O;;;) but we can certainly hang out for a very long time.

i can't wait to finish my screenplay. i have an idea of what i want to do next, but first i must lay this to rest. it's driving me bats. the resolution is in sight, but...it has to be awesome. and it's been an adaptation so far but this is the part i've never been able to write. obviously. it's not very easy to wrap things up. but this is looking very good.

and "inland empire" sounds so amazing!!!!!!! AGH!

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