would anyone care for fruit or dessert?

7:40 p.m. x 2007-02-05


i kicked my english test's ass, but that is not very important. jimmy picked me up from school and we made WHITE CHOCOLATE FONDU together! with apples and bananas. and then we tousled around on my bed before we went to his basement and made love and watched "clue". oooo it was amazing!!! then we went up to his room and sorted through the things he wanted to trade back and talked about films. i've never seen "the matrix". i may see it tonight...but when we went to his place of employment to trade back some things, he got extremely sick. he told me he wanted to lie down for a while, and then we'd watch "the matrix" and eat pizza if he wasn't incapacitated. i hope he isn't, just for the sake of him feeling better. if not tonight, we'll have "the matrix" and pizza when he has the evening off later in the week. which, no matter what...saturday!!! tomorrow i have to call into work and politely demand that my hours be shifted slightly upwards, since jimmy's parents want to leave at 2 and i'm scheduled until 2:15. i just have to ask to come in early. and i'm not on the schedule for sunday! WOOOO!!!

mmmm the fondu was so much fun. i had always wanted to bake with jimmy. it was amazing. i really really love that we got to hang out in both of our rooms, haha, because we both really like each others' rooms and we rarely hang out in them together because we can't have the greatest amount of privacy.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my goddd. HIS VOICE! it is 12:41 (aren't i awful at writing these...) and we've just talked on the phone for a good while. his mother gave him something that knocked him out, but his stomach is much better. and we had a lovvvely discussion. and i am so happy! and so excited!!!

and absolutely freezing. if i don't curl up now i'm going to lose circulation in my extremeties. it's awful.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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