"no my child, that's not my desire" and then she said "i'm digging for fire"

2:44 p.m. x 2007-03-21

oooooooooooooh. i've finally hung out with star trek. and i very proudly possess my own favorite character. data. he's mine. ahhh, i feel a great sense of satisfaction.

in othes news, equally as satisfying, jimmy and i ate ice cream cake cups last night for his little brother's birthday. i got him an EB/gamestop gift card, being that it was all i could do on short notice. jonny was pleased, and jimmy's parents informed me that they were celebrating my birthday!!! which is mindblowing. and fortunate, for me, as i do not believe my own family will be doing so.

i have in mind what would be very cool to ask jimmy to get, but being that i want it SO BADLY and it comes out an entire month before my birthday...errrgh. well. the odds of me being able to get it as quickly as that aren't great to begin with. so i'm leaning towards that.

whoa! as i was obviously referring to "twin peaks: season two", i've just discovered that season one is currently out of print. apparently the pulling of season one off the market and the simultaneous release of season two is a plot to then smack the whole series together, complete with the glaringly absent pilot, in a box set for the holidays.

to that i say: i all ready have the pilot (on vhs) and the first season, i am SO buying the second season, and i will buy the damned box set just to be a completist. i love twin peaks. with all of my being.

twin peaks, azumanga daioh, sailor moon s, amarcord...i need to get this together and figure it out. i'm going to make the valiant attempt to get at least that, really. that's expensive. and i'll probably be buying most of it myself.

i say this as my mother goes trampling by in nothing but a robe, irate, en route to my dad's room where she shuts the door behind her. this is a woman who can't see the sense in making dinner, so spending money on me is entirely too beyond the limits of all that's unreasonable. and that's just money, any money. $1.95 for the bus merits a scream. she's not going to buy me anything. she's very, very tired of having children, especially me.

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