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9:42 a.m. x 2007-04-05

as i always do...this wasn't the layout i had been working on. i threw it together after school, celebrating my two day easter vacation which begins now. and bud cort. the perpetual celebration that is his face. my brother was nice and attempted to bittorrent "brewster mccloud" for me, even though he didn't find anything, the gesture was sweet. i'll get it somehow.

on that subject...robert altman. i'm ambivalent. i have only seen two films by him, "3 women" and "brewster mccloud", which are very extraneous bits of his catalog, apparently, and i love them. they're among my favorite films. but i don't think i care for robert altman. i like his use of overlapping dialogue and all the quick little jokes and his thing for shelley duvall. that's awesome. but...i don't know. something...doesn't jive with me. but i'm glad "3 women" and "brewster mccloud" do. they really do.

ugghh...i'm crying like a douchebag again. jimmy called me and told me he put in a fabulous audition for ed's band, who are very put-together and very talented. he was extremely upset this past week thinking they'd reject him, and now he's so happy. it just made me cry. i'm so glad he's happy. i just can't wait to hug him. sometimes i get that an overwhelming need to hug him and feel him. i'm so proud of him, and i hope they accept him. because it's what he wants.

i just want to give him a hug. ugh, i'm probably getting my period. everything makes me cry then.'s good. perhaps i'll get jimmy a cake. i'd love to watch "brewster mccloud" with him, but first i must locate a copy.

i'm so glad i own "harold & maude". i'll probably rewatch it tonight, and then "TWIN PEAKS SEASON TWO" tomorrow!!! i've got it...i just need to devote the proper time and energy to it. it is "twin peaks". i owe it that.

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