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11:33 p.m. x 2007-08-01

jimmy came back today, and things were very very very very very very good ^-^ he's feeling much better and we had a great talk. HE BOUGHT THE FUCKING GALAXY! YES!!! the galaxy being an asskicking little minifridge he's had his eye on for sometime.

today really kicked ass. clare called me to wake me up and we had a really good exchange, then laura sent me a message and i talked to aliya on the phone for agesssss! WHICH WAS AMAZING! I LOVE ALIYA! then jimmy came home and we went on our jaunt, i wore a "300" helmet and two people took pictures, the galaxy was purchased and then lexi made plans with me for friday. so i've got a badass remainder of the week with laura tomorrow, lexi friday and jimmy and ernie saturday.

to buy yet: tylenol (my mom refuses to spend the money on this and insists my dad will do it), laptop (HOLY SHIT), mattress pad (kind of sparse in xl twin, even though i don't believe the beds at lycoming are xl twin), bathrobe (THEY ARE NOWHERE), cups (completely didn't think of doing this when i bought plates), spare blouse trees, fan, assorted other collegiate accoutrements. mostly i need to get the god damn motherfucking laptop. that's been hell.

my mother decided to tell me right before i set into motion the purchasing of an inspiron that i'd be paying for nearly all of it with my savings bonds, to which i said fuck that and exited out of the laborious process that was making the contraption on dell's website. she FREAKED OUT about it. i had told her that if SHE wanted me to have a laptop, cool...but SHE KNEW that i was not prepared to spend the $$$$$ on something i consider myself to all ready own. i have a reliable, working machine right here. it is the size of a reasonably small nation, that may be, but it's never failed me. a few minor adjustments and this guy could be kicking ALL the ass. in the end, that's the route to go with my mom: the vanity. "it's okay, i'll just take this big beige guy with me to college where all the other kids have shiny new laptops". that shit kills.

paying her back would be more appealing to me. the way it wound up it was circa $50 a month, and i'd be down for forking over $25 a month, especially because I DON'T HAVE TO PAY $23 A MONTH FOR BIRTH CONTROL ANYMORE! WOO! because my mom's aware of it now, and we're transferring the perscription to whatever pharmacy we use, CVS i believe, and i don't have to pay outside of insurance. FUCK YEAH! ahh that's been so annoying. so no more of that nonsense. yeah, i could do that then.

i'm going to get a job i like at school. be it a work study thing or somewhere nearby, i'm going to get a job i like, work decent hours and make the cash so i can do things. the odd shopping spree (a.k.a. purchasing "the killing joke" from ebay and absurd extravagances like $200 batman necklaces - if i think it's worth it it's worth it don't question me). dinners out where afterwards i'm not panicking that i overdrew my account. that'll be nice. i just don't want to go overboard with it. i won't work often but i'll work more than i'm working now (which is soon to be not at all - AUGUST 4TH!).

oh, so...after bergman died, very early in the day yesterday, michelangelo antonioni died late in the day. cinema is dying. quoth ken, godard, you're next.

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