10:14 p.m. x 2007-08-13

i wish i could see the "dark knight" footage that they unleashed at wizard world. while i'm completely infuriated and bitchy and complaining about it in my head, at the same time i understand why nolan et al didn't want it making the rounds on youtube. if i was doing something that i knew would kick ass and in my head i could see how awesome it'd be...i wouldn't want to start showing it around to everybody when it wasn't even half done. they made him show that footage. i would've been upset too. though, as a fan, i'm flipping my chips. what an ambivalent situation you have me in here, christopher nolan.

jimmy, elisa and i went to target and the bookstore today. i was supposed to be getting my permit, but i didn't have my ss card or my birth certificate, or any parents around to get them from the safe deposit box i think they're in. so we went shopping instead. i got BITCHfest: ten years of cultural criticism from the pages of BITCH magazine and jimmy bought me slumblebee! to keep softimus company. i saw disciple & master at the bookstore too. motherfucker's $50. aaagghhhh.


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