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12:11 p.m. x 2007-08-31


i've got foxy back. so i can tell you about yesterday in the privacy of my own humid little livingspace: I WAS ILL. very very very ill. i never get sick...let me tell you...i get nervous, i have bad days and i upset my equilibrium and i need to rest and occasionally my throat will wack out HOWEVER...i don't get sick. but yesterday, i was quite sick. i woke up and my stomach hurt, and i just deduced that i was hungry. when i'm frazzled and getting used to a new environment, i don't pay the closest attention to my biological tuggings (although i am very aware of my need for sex at ALL TIMES...more on that in a moment) so i just thought i was hungry. i went about my getting-ready business and i stood in front of the mirror to do my hair. my vision started patching out and my legs wobbled and i was pretty confident right then that i could vomit. so that's what i did. i teetered into the bathroom, said a brisk but sincere apology to the suitemate at the sink, and vomited in the little toliet stall. then i went "FFFUUUCK" and crawled back into bed before i absolutely had to go to class.

i went to class even though i was T3H 51CK because i was a half-hour late for that class on tuesday, and i felt stupid about it. the teacher was really freaked out though and i think would've preferred if i'd skipped. i had no color in my lips. it was freaky. so then i went back to the room and went to sleep for the rest of the day. the entire rest of the day. i woke up intermittently to read 1984, have some exchanges with my roommate, force myself down to dinner, and talk to jimmy. i napped throughout the day and went to sleep and stayed asleep around eleven. very impressive for me.

sleepaway college hasn't been too bad. i am adjusting to it much easier than i thought i would. my roommate is wonderful and so far my classes seem like nothing i haven't tackled bio teacher has a boston-esque accent and a bit of a marble-mouth thing going on, and a mustache to top it all i'll be relying completely on the book for his class. both my developmental psych and personality professors are wacky and i enjoy them. my music teacher is very nice and i feel bad that i keep fucking up in his class.

it has only been one week, of course. and this weekend i'm going home to embrace my boyfriend, eat a sandwich and buy another power strip.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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