6:04 p.m. x 2007-09-06

"sharmanka" means "hurdy-gurdy" in russian. i thought that was a funny little thing to come across. it's the name of a theatre in glasgow. i decided i'd start compiling a list of places i have to hit before i snuff it. top of the list is reykjavik. and venice. those two especially. and the margate shell grotto, in kent in the UK. and prague. more as i think of them, but hopefully not too many. okinawa, kyoto, tokyo.

i talked to jimmy last night for two hours and it felt amazing. we discussed everything...and he knows all my faith and my trust is in him. krakow. i'm not going to waste my time fretting now. we talked for a long time about school. he wants to go to school after his place of employment closes, he's now very determined. the end's in sight for that place. he is going to half-college, it seems, and i'm 10000000% supportive of that move. he won't feel the pressure he felt in high school. it'll be a source of pride. i think he'll get so much out of it. bordeux. and he's visiting soon!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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