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6:23 p.m. x 2007-10-11

i've got a new layout ready to go up. i put all the old links back on it, and i decided if i'm going to do that, i'm going to go fix up those pages so they're sufficiently updated. as soon as i've got all that going on, i'll put it up. i'm so happy my laptop plays dvds. i can finally screen capture. haha, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS TO ME.

today was a bit of a fuck-up day. i'm not awesomely pleased with myself. i unintentionally missed music class. i skipped it last thursday, but today i had every intention of going. then when i did wakeup, i had a meeting with my personality theory teacher and i raced to that like mad. she was cool, i had a feeling she'd forgotten too. i'm actually pretty aware now of what i need to do for the research proposal and i have all my sources now, all set to go. i was there maybe three minutes and i mentioned i'd just woken up and she was like "go get some lunch!". so i did. i need to stop eating scones.

nightwish is a definite go/L0L for monday. jimmy will be here at noon. i got my personality test rescheduled for it, hahaha. i also need to refill my perscription and give jimmy $20 for gas. i have no money for any of that. and i don't want my parents to know i'll be around. i'll have to wait until the weekend after this when i go home thursday. i spent all my money on sushi. and i think i'm doing it again on saturday. i'll also be enjoying the palak paneer, a.k.a. spinach dip sometime this weekend. it looks like i need chips for it. i don't understand, wegman's, why you don't have naan bread.

i need to have this hulking pile of research, nearly all by this gentleman robert f. bornstein who i guess until recently was employed over in gettysburg, read by tomorrow afternoon. the noise-forecast for tonight is indeterminate, but currently things are looking quiet enough. though UGH. i'm not terribly excited about this.

i am excited about the concert. yes it is nightwish. but i get to hang out with jimmy and ernie like normal, and meet some guy named bobby that they gave the other ticket to, and enjoy the wilds of virginia.

the weather was awesome today. albeit rainy...it was just the right kind of cold. i hope it's still like that over the weekend. despite the fact that i'll be enjoying some solitude, i plan on getting out as much as possible and exercising wildly. then when evening strikes i'll get down to enjoying some movies and the smiths and borderliners. yes sir.

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