remind me to tell you about the time i looked into the heart of an artichoke

7:47 p.m. x 2007-10-21

back in The Room. feeling better.

i had strong words with jimmy last night, and threw myself at my mom and cried for...the past two days, really. it's a lot. a lot more than you think. a lot more than i've said. a lot that isn't interesting enough to write diary entries on, online or otherwise. but i'm feeling better now. i've got a whole load of beverages and backup paneer and $25 in cash AND HOLY SHIT A STUFFED DOMO-KUN. lexi bought me a stuffed domo-kun. and it was the best. i love this little guy.

stuffed-animals are the key to my heart. and balloons. what a kid i am.

we saw "across the universe", then i curled up with white cheddar popcorn and watched "the departed" with my mom, and she screamed when leonardo dicaprio died. it was quite a party. i did have a good time, outside of my insanity. which, i'm determined for that to be its final performance. i'm sick of it. really completely fed up. i'm getting a grip on things and i'm taking care of myself. i'm reading the girl who walked home alone, which i bought on friday and i'm half finished with and i LLLLOVE. bette davis is immensely inspiring, and "all about eve" is one of the movies that comfort me instantly. hence why i have it on right now (not to mention it occupies the tv and keeps it safe from the terrible flipping...i'm such a bitter son of a bitch).

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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