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4:01 p.m. x 2007-10-27

my sister accidentally wandered into a midnight showing of "rocky horror" last night, then ran out and stayed on the phone with me until two a.m. because she was so freaked out by it. i can't believe it. that's amazing. my sister's quite a character.

my roommate is still on the warpath as a result of this study abroad debacle. she has a meeting set up with the dean about it now. each time she's met with our advisor, she's gotten a different reason she can't study in germany. each time it's been different, and she's refuted it as politely as possible (i'm not saying my roommate is impolite, but "polite" is a's hard to be polite, though, i understand, when you're dealing with people like our advisor). they said her GPA wasn't up to snuff and she collected testimony from her professors stating she's improved. they said she wouldn't graduate on time if she studied in germany for a semester and she showed them how it would be even harder if she studied abroad in the fall (it would guarentee her another semester here after her senior year if she did that, even with summer). so finally they just said, we just don't think you're a good representative of this school.

ouch. so now she's off to the dean about it. and extremely offended. which, i would be, very much. she doesn't seem to be very interested in staying here, and is still awfully hell-bent on germany, so who knows what'll happen. it's rather exciting! for me, at least, to be observing. i would like her to be a good and happy roommate. i'll be all right with it, i'll manage if she has to stay here the whole school year. i'll make even more of an effort to get along well with her. hell, i'll take her out for sushi. if she'll not stomp around high and crying.

you'll enjoy this. my mother just called while i was sitting her typing this, and my roommate was in here. i wanted to tell my mom about what was happening so i left the room for that reason specifically, and then my roommate...she didn't follow me, but she crossed the building to take that exit, and heard me talking about her. not rudely...but still talking about her. so i ran back to the room, feeling weird. excellent.

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