the moon is on fire!

11:50 p.m. x 2007-11-02

my decorating endeavors are proving successful. i love the way my wall looks now.

i took a very long nap for five hours after class, listened to scarling. and spoke to amanda, which was wonderful. she called me from her friend's apartment to inform me of how school is going (poorly) and how her social life is going (crazy) and how i have to greyhound it up there one weekend. and to that i say YES. YES I DO. she wants to get me annihilated, which is a sweet gesture, but i'd rather just kick back and enjoy the amanda-spectacle. i could really use that.

akasha talked to me tonight about how her therapist asked her about me, and asked her why she chose to trust me so quickly. i'm very proud of how she looks up to me, and lexi. lexi's halloween costume is devastatingly gorgeous. oh man. i am fortunate to have such bright, attractive friends. i am going to do portraits of akasha, lexi, amanda, kara and amber. that's next on my list.

here i go.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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