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9:35 p.m. x 2008-02-11

i swear i'm doing something about the layout on here. it may not bother you but it bothers me.

i just told a guy i was doing my homework and couldn't hang out, when in actuality i was tinkering with my myspace, which i've also neglected. i know i've had schoolwork and things of a loftier nature to pay attention to, but i've got quite a pride issue over the appearance of my insignificant webspaces.

watched and nodded off in the library with "the third man", which i enjoyed but was a little too zonked from a six-mile walk to be all about. i can't get over how much i like cherry chocolate dr. pepper. ken said he gagged on it because it tastes like drinking a tootsie roll. it DOES. AND I LOVE IT.

my top ten most played songs on my very-young-yet itunes player on my still-very-new laptop: "white chalk" by pj harvey (50 plays), "california dreamin" by the mamas & the papas (34 plays), "piazza, new york catcher" by belle & sebastian (17 plays), "hurdy gurdy man" by donovan (15 plays), "ostia (the death of pasolini)" by coil (12 plays), "guitar hero" by amanda palmer (11 plays), "hobbes theme" by climax golden twins (11 plays), "lonesome organist rapes page turner" by the dresden dolls (11 plays), "nantes" by beirut (10 plays), and "karma police" by the dresden dolls (10 plays). that's a very good summary of the school year. i wish i had a decently old itunes library anymore. i guess the one on the computer at home's reasonably telling of my listening habits, but when it was (inexplicably) on the downstairs computer, it had listening information from that horrific and wonderful 03-04 winter i spent listening to TKK and "falling" by lacuna coil nonstop. and "in the air tonight". and "i believe in a thing called love"! lexi had that on in chloe (the car) other day. what a beautiful thing.

i'm feeling much better today. even after i slept through two alarms this morning. that little vacation at home was beyond asskicking and much, much needed. time to snuggle with lexi and jimmy, watch "the l word" and read. mmmmm. that was perfect. tonight i'm going to do some cleaning (OH YEAH) and put laundry away, and perhaps watch "zodiac" with the other commentary track.

and, note to self: when your hair grows back, love it. love it like you've never loved before. show it all the care and attention it truely deserves. you've learned your lesson now: you don't know what you've got til it's gone. at least now it'll be new, healthy hair. instead of stuff that's been creeping down from my scalp since 2004.

the plan is, when it's all back where it belongs, i'm going to dye it black. and i am going to keep my bangs because I LOOK DUMB WITHOUT THEM. i'm getting thicker ones, though. next time i get in touch with someone qualified. more qualified than the girl that did this to me.

i'm going to go cry about my hair, i think. guuhhhh.

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