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2:12 p.m. x 2008-03-24

currently listening to: "weekend" by the birthday massacre

most definitely getting a ticket to see the birthday massacre and MSI after school ends, because of how utterly ridiculous it'll be. and that's exactly what my life is scrambling for at this moment: more of the utterly ridiculous.

i walked out for sushi for no good reason and tripped on the way back. i thought i cracked the pomegranate fizz bottles i purchased but a kindly old dude helped me and showed me that they were all safe, i could peel my face off the gravel and enjoy my fizz after all. i have re-scraped the gargantuan twelve-year-old scrape on my left knee. but now i've got sushi and i'm having a listen to my newly revamped itunes library before i head to my counselling appointment.

while i was home i went to office max with kara and jimmy and in the checkout line, i succumbed to an old weaknesses of mine by fondling and eventually purchasing a bottle of body spray. i horde body spray like nobody's business. i have mountains of it. chocolate chip, sugar cookie, cotton candy...anything edible. the cheaper and more suspicious looking the better. this stuff is bright pink in an old-fashioned cannister and is called "coranado cherry", and it smells like an industrial strength cherry magic marker. I LOVE IT.

after the session i've got an assload (a metric butt-ton) of work to hurdle through. i'm endeavoring to be done-ish in time to chill out and watch "el topo" before bed a sub-descent hour, which also requires, kind of, my roommate being absent. last night she was here and had her boyfriend over and he's STILL here, which is all right, but, you know...i'd rather neither of them be here. i'd rather watch "el topo" and eat sushi and listen to the commedia. naked. they're impeding upon my plans here.

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