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11:17 p.m. x 2008-03-29

i went to the mall with jeremy today, which was very enjoyable. we just kicked around borders, and i bought "amelie", which i was then very excited to get back to the room to watch and relax. but no sooner did i get back did my roommate and her boyfriend return...and they reek of pot. and the room, earlier, reeked of pot. i'm really pissed off. i'm pretty sure they smoked in the room while i was grocery shopping, and i don't care if i'm not in the room - i told her not to SMOKE IN THE ROOM. AGH.

on a much lighter note, i saw bill clinton speak today, and it was adorable. he is a very very eloquent speaker, and i was very won over by his endorsement for hillary. i'm pretty all right with either she or obama, though i'm still leaning towards him. i've gotta send in my registry papers. ahhh the frustration! i'm going to be in harrisburg again this coming weekend. THEN i will do it.


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