it's a crime i never told you about the diamonds in your eyes

5:08 a.m. x 2008-04-04

currently listening to: "outside the glass" by the black heart procession

a couple of things:

i am three pages away from being essentially wrapped up with my paper on the notorious DA. for now, that is. the draft is due tomorrow, but when i get it back i have to spruce it up properly and resubmit it the week prior to finals. but i will have this research largely behind me (primary sources ahoy, a.k.a. i still haven't really sat down with the entire commedia yet) and i will have established that i can indeed prattle on about dante for twelve-ish pages (tonight we're shooting for ten, at least ten, please see time of entry for details).

i've been terminally distracted all day by the wealth of incredible music i've happened upon. i love it when you type in one interesting artist on amazon and you're accosted with a wealth of sexy recommendations. usually i'm all ready familiar with or disinterested in them, but these are new! and exciting (interjection: what's my roommate doing awake all the sudden?)! pram, the black heart procession, jill tracy, lily wilde, and clare fader and the vaudevillians are all vying for a ridiculous place in my ridiculous heart right now. WHILE I SHOULD BE FINISHING MY PAPER.

this weekend: jimmy, lexi, kasha, indian food, "funny games" michael pitt edition, "the godfather: part II", supreme nappage, fits of blissful catatonia while my headphones slide off my head and "step into my office, baby" creeps out of's going to be great.

i have a surprise coming to me, also, it seems. and i think my roommate's trying to talk to me while my headphones are on. oh...oh, she's gone? where's she going? what? roommate? i need to finish my paper. i want to know what my surprise is.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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