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12:57 p.m. x 2008-08-31

currently listening to: "blue little" by 10:32

i came to catharsis in a dream last night. it was exhausting. i woke up needing to sleep again. but it felt so good, such a relief. i'm glad i acted out what i needed to in my dream. i feel, at the moment, far less inclined to muddy the waters of reality with my torrential angst.

i'm so glad to be reading "vice" regularly again. it has been there for me through so much and cheers me up in a way unique to it. just like morrissey. morrissey and i are probably going to hop out for coffee any second now, and then i'm going to do my laundry. i seriously need to do my laundry and my chaucer homework.

i'm so glad i'm going home this weekend to hang out with my friends. and to meet akasha's mother! i hope things get better this week. some, any kind of an "improvement". whatever that might be. i have to remember i have a therapy appointment tuesday to talk about it, so the dude can help me get this dealt with.

i am banking on karma. karma has never failed me. come on, karma.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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