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10:18 p.m. x 2008-10-23

currently listening to: "my little brown book" by joe lovano

i've got a new roommate. it's happening. i'm going to move in (to the suite connected to gretchen's room!!!) after the semester shift, for the sake of it being much easier to have my dad come down and assisst and so i am not schlepping my belongings across the quad and up three flights of stairs. housing was really expert about handling the issue. they were more than wonderful and this girl, allie, seems absolutely great.

we'll see, but i'm hopeful. and probably sick. i've got some piping english breakfast tea and i don't feel like i'm spinning at a 45 degree angle (tilting towards the left) anymore, like i did for most of the afternoon. the surreal mix of good and bad today (the good, other than getting all that squared away with housing, was that my writing professor GUSHED about me) drove me to nap.

now i've got to study for an astronomy test and avoid vomiting at all costs. KARA IS VISITING ME FOR THE WEEKEND and she's going to be here tomorrow evening! so i guess if ever there was a time to vomit it'd be now, before she gets here. but i'd rather stave off and get full on violently ill AFTER the weekend. a vacation is necessary.


next semester = the horror

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