there was no intellect that she could respect if it couldn't see that the girl just wants to be left alone

5:10 p.m. x 2008-11-16

currently listening to: "the all golden" by van dyke parks

this week last year was when melody and i became very good friends. in roughly a month, i'm going to make every effort not to associate with her again.

i don't want to be walked on any more, and that's what it is for me. i don't care what she does but i can't allow it to be at the expense of my dignity and i have to leave.

i found out that the girl whose room i'm moving into is pledging with a sorority who might make her move onto their floor immediately! which means i'll essentially be moving into a single room! anyone can move in at any point in time, but until then, that's pretty fantastic. i don't know what'll happen yet, but that'd be amazing. it'd be really amazing if gretchen would be here, but she'll be abroad this spring. i'm glad she's my friend and i hope she has an insane time in london.

i've got to remember to return a load of stuff to the bookstore this week. i've bought tons of shit and some of it i don't exactly need. i binge-shop and the use of my school ID really blurs the concept of exactly what i'm doing. also, my parents have never freaked out before. the clothes in the store are really expensive (i wonder if my mother realizes that's what some of it is - i only buy clothes for she and my sister) but this year i've only bought books. mysterious. but i need all the money i can get for the amanda palmer concert, which is THIS WEEK!

i am still distraught in the extreme that the "lick my legs" poster is no longer on her webstore. that was practically all i wanted for christmas.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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